No time for complete makeup every day?? Is your hair strands out of your control?? Is your foundation different from your skin tone?? These are the daily obstacles which troubles women’s life into measurable extend. Don’t worry. A simple and easy to use beauty hack can make your life easy. Check below the 10 Basic Beauty Hacks For Busy Women:

Manicure Hack:

Manicure Hack


No time to set the overgrown manicure? A coat of shiny nail polish can work as an optical distraction especially when you are running out of time.

Cosmetics Drying Hack:


When you have time issue and the skin makeup not drying fast enough, just blow them with a hair dryer on the cold mode. It will speed up the makeup drying time and saves you from getting late.

Alternative Makeup Hack:

Alternative Makeup Hack


Not having complete face makeup supplies? Use your lipstick as an eye shadow, lip colour and a blush for cheeks. Just make sure that your lipstick is not too contrast to the skin tone.

Matching Foundation Hack:


Is your foundation too dark compared to your skin tone? No issues! Just add a little moisturizer to it and your new perfect foundation shade is ready.

Fly Away Hair Hack:

Fly Away Hair Hack


Not able to settle the flying hair strands? This hack will save you. Apply a hairspray on an old toothbrush. Now, comb the flying hair from the hair line. For thick hair strands, you can directly spray on the hair and comb with a toothbrush.

Long Lasting Lipstick Hack:

Long Lasting Lipstick Hack


Want your lipstick to stay longer? After applying the lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and apply a baby powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply a second cote of lipstick.

Frizzy Hair Hack:

Frizzy hair? Make a habit of wrapping your hair with a soft tee after head bath. Just pat the hair dry without rubbing it. Prevent your hair from getting freeze.

Dry Face Hack:

Dry Face Hack


Concern about dry face? Do not rinse off the face cleanser after applying. Just wipe it off with a soft tissue. The residue will help moisturize your face skin.

Alternative Makeup Remover Hack:

Alternative Makeup Remover Hack


Running out of makeup remover? Use coconut oil as an alternative. It helps in removing the cosmetics gently from the skin.

Makeup Remover Hack:

Makeup Remover Hack


Too tired to remove your makeup off? Always keep some face wipe beside your bed. Just take a sheet and wipe off your makeup easily before going to bed.

The above beauty hacks always work whenever you lack enough time to get ready. So, note down these basic beauty hacks and make your life easy when you run out of time or makeup supplies.