Diwali, a festival of light is right here. India is known for the grand festivals and Diwali is one of the most vibrant celebrations opted by Indians. It is welcomed with the colorful flower decorations, Rangoli, diyas, blinking lightings, etc. Oops! We are forgetting something…. The Sweets! In Indian kitchen, a huge number of items are prepared and served during Diwali but without sweet, the celebration is always like a tea without sugar. According to every home tradition, the types of sweets may vary, though it gives the same joy and delish feeling to the gatherings on Diwali festival.

Well, it’s not possible to pick the entire varieties of sweets, so here are listed the 10 special sweets prepared in India during Diwali:

  • Kheer:

Kheer is one of the famous deserts of India which is prepared in almost every state with their special touch of flavor. If you don’t know, let me tell you that it is made of rice and milk garnished with the dry fruits. There is no comparison when it comes to Kheer in Desert during Diwali. It is basically served hot but in hot places, it can be served chilled too.

  • Laddoo:

A round ball shaped Laddoo is everyone’s favorite and is one of the most preferred sweet in festive season. Laddoos are made of various ingradients like besan, bundi, motichur, dry fruits, coconut, rava, and many more according to the respective traditions. Which laddoo you prefer the most? Taste and finalize!

  • Kaju Katli:

Kaju Katli – the name itself suggests that it is made of Kaju (Cashew Nuts). No wonder it is so famous in India. The real taste of Cashew with light sugary taste is perfect to please the guests during Diwali. The sweet originally comes in diamond shape but you can also get it in customized designs like Kaju role, Guava, Kaju penda, and many more. So, if you are expecting high class guests this Diwali, please don’t forget to stock Kaju katli at your home.

  • Sandesh:

Diwali commonly known as Dipavali is one of the favorite occasions for the Bengalis to prepare Sandesh – A famous sweet in West Bengal state. Bengalis are very good in making sweets to die for. For every occasion, they have a special recipe of sweets to prepare and Sandesh is one of them. So, if you are in West Bengal by any chance this Diwali, then here is your golden chance to taste this heart touching sweet.

  • Barfi:

If you are fond of dry sweets, barfi will be your favorite. This is the only sweet which comes with uncountable flavors and texture. This is mainly famous in North India more likely in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand, etc. The dense milk based sweet is very yum especially for kids. It is widely served during Diwali along with other snacks items.

  • Mysore Pak:

Mysore Pak is a typical sweet of Mysore and most of the South Indian states. Light brownish sweet with extra-extra ghee is the famous sweet among south Indian people which they offer in every grand occasion including Diwali. It is easily available in any of the sweet shops of Karnataka and other neighboring regions.

  • Puran Poli:

This is something every mother will prepare for her children and their friends. Puran Poli is a sweet roti (Chapati) made of flour and jaggary. This is prepared and served hot with ghee or butter as a breakfast or evening snacks in Indian houses. During Diwali, this replaces the other heavy snacks for kids and of course the Puran Poli lovers.

  • Halwa:

No wonder people scream for it. Halwa is another homemade desert served in Indian dine. Which Halwa? Yes, you will find Suji, Gajar (Carrot), Rava, aata (wheat flour), and many more types of halwa in India. If you are newly married women and this is your first Diwali in your home, Gajar Halwa can help you impress the special guests like your in-laws, relatives and the elders.

  • Rabdi:

Have you ever tried Rubdi? No?? Ten you have tasted nothing. This Diwali forget all the regular sweets and try Rabdi. It’s so yum. The smooth thick shaky desert made of milk and other ingredients that you can’t resist from asking more and more.

  • Peda:

My favorite! Peda is called as the symbol of happy moment in India. So, how is it possible that it is not spread across Diwali festive season. It is found in every sweet box given as a Diwali gift. Ow much ever we rely on Cadbury celebrations, Peda is still the ideal sweet for the Indian family.

So, what are you gonna prepare this Diwali function? Don’t forget to tell us…