Random Khichdi is a trendy blog site with all source of crispy information in a single site. The concept of Random Khichdi is to gather random reading topics and merge them in a site so that the readers can have it all in one screen shot. It includes the topics on Entertainment, Beauty Blogs, Food recipes, travelling, lifestyle, Health and many more written by the professionals. Isn’t it fun?

What makes it so unique?

The idea of randomness in choosing the variant topics itself makes us so unique, just like a Khichdi. You think of anything existing, new or old, you’ll find the detailed info just in a single click. There is no limitation of contents in Random Khichdi. The more trends grow, so do we but in our own exceptional way.

What’s so Interesting here?

Interest develops when the page is user friendly and you will get exactly the way it should be. The overview of the site is very interesting, and the contents are placed in such a fashion that you will get it on your finger tip. Also, the site is full of high-resolution images which gives a realistic view to the contents.

Which Generation would Prefer the Site More?

Our vision is totally neutral for all stages of readers and hence, we have something or the other to deliver to every generation. So, the audience with the keen reading interests and fun learning enthusiasm are heartily welcome. Good news! Random Khichdi is also availed in mobile mode. So, now have a complete fun time reading our blogs anytime, anywhere.

Will it succeed to reach the reader’s heart?

Well, we have always chosen the best for our readers but there is always a room for improvement and Random Khichdi totally believes it. So, any suggestions, feedbacks, and the critics will certainly help us to add the taste in the Khichdi and make it more random.