Signs and symptoms of female infertility are directly related to other underlying conditions. As the factors for infertility can vary greatly, it is important for you to consult a female infertility center before the signs develop into serious consequences.

There are many female infertility diagnosis centers in Bangalore for you to take precautionary measures today. Here are some of the common symptoms you should know.

  • Fluctuation in periods

A normal woman’s cycle is 28 days duration. Yet, anything inside a couple of days can be viewed as typical, as long as those cycles are reliable. For instance, a woman who has a 33-day cycle over many months, a 31-day cycle the following, and a 35-day cycle from that point onward, is most likely having “ordinary” periods.

In any case, a woman whose cycles fluctuate so significantly that she can’t start to appraise when her period may arrive is encountering sporadic periods. This can be identified with hormone issues, or to polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS). Both of these can be connected back to infertility. As female infertility treatment in India has advanced over the recent years, you have a better chance of conceiving.

  • Unbearable pain during periods

Most women encounter spasms during their periods. But most times the pain is bearable. When the pain shoots up to the unbearable pain levels that meddles with your day-to-day life, it might be a manifestation of endometriosis.

  • Missed periods

It’s normal for women to have an off month. Variables like pressure or overwhelming exercises can make your period briefly vanish. So if you have missed your periods for many months, it’s time to get fertility checked.

  • Side effects of hormone variances

Indications of hormone changes in women could demonstrate potential issues with infertility. Converse with your specialist in the event that you encounter the accompanying:

  • skin issues
  • reduced sex drive
  • facial hair development
  • thinning hair
  • weight gain


  • Agony during sex

A few women have encountered excruciating pain in their sex lives, which isn’t considered ordinary. It could be identified with hormone issues, to endometriosis, or to other hidden conditions.

Around 15 to 20 percent of couples endeavouring to consider conceiving will experience difficulty with infertility. 40% of these is related to female infertility. In the event that your are considering conception, you may experience difficulties prior to consultation. But we are always making therapeutic advances in this field. Visit your nearest Female Infertility Center. Talk to a doctor today.