The day you get to know that you are pregnant, you start planning the arrival of your baby. One concern that most women have is whether they will have a normal or c-section delivery. While this depends on a number of factors beyond your control, you can certainly try and work towards having a normal delivery.

We have listed down top 10 safe exercises for a normal delivery.

  1. Pelvic Stretches :

This can be done on a pillow, ball or chair. Keep one leg straight and fixed on the ground. Stretch your other leg away keeping your back straight. Repeat this as per your comfort. This prepares your pelvis for labour.

  1. Angry cat pose/Pelvic tilt:

Come on all your fours and exhale and suck your abdominal muscles. Pull your hips in line with stomach and then inhale and release. This gives strength to your back muscles and reduces pain during delivery.

  1. Opening hips:

Sit in squatting position and take 6 deep breaths. This helps in releasing energy from the pelvis. Make sure not to attempt this in case you are beyond 36 weeks pregnant.

  1. Swimming:

This is a very good exercise as it strengthens your muscles without impact. Make sure not to dive and watch out for the slippery surface. Have somebody nearby in case you need help.

  1. Squatting:

Sit in the Indian toilet position holding gym ball for support. This creates pressure on thighs and pelvic area. It helps in contractions and loosening of pelvic muscles during labour.

  1. Walking:

Walking is highly recommended for pregnant women. It keeps you fit, helps in regulating blood pressure, aids in digestion and builds stamina. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for a good grip.

  1. Kegal exercises:

These are pelvic floor exercises. Pull all your pelvic region muscles up, hold the contraction for 10 seconds and then release. This strengthens your pelvic area muscles and prepares them for labour.

  1. Downward Dog pose:

Come on all fours. Raise one leg so that thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold it for few seconds and release. Repeat the same with the other leg. This is very good for strengthening your thigh muscles holding capacity required for labour.

  1. Cobblers pose(Baddhkonasana):

A relaxing yoga pose which invigorates pelvic area organs. Sit on a mat and stretch your legs in front. Now fold them in such a way that your feet touch each other. Hold your big toes with both hands. You can keep a pillow under your thighs and legs.

  1. Utkat asana:

This is good for strengthening your legs in early pregnancy. Stand with your feet mat distance apart. Bring your hips down as if you are sitting on a chair. Keep your back straight and raise both your hands. You can rest against the wall for support.

Remember that all these exercises should be started after talking to your doctor. Also, you have to feel comfortable while doing them. Make sure to do them under supervision.