Mostly your mattress is always nicely covered and looks clean, we often think that our mattress does not require any cleaning. Though your mattress may look plushy and cosy it does not mean that it is clean. You will be surprised to discover volume of dirt particles under your pillow or mattress which may consist of dead dust mites, skin flakes and other harmful bacteria. In fact, it is the mattress that always has the largest amount of dust compared to any other object in the house. This is not healthy for you.

When you consider the amount of skin, sweat, and oil your body produces every night while you sleep and the dust that accumulates because of dust mites, fungal spores, and bacteria, it can drive you crazy. You surely spend about eight to ten hours in your bed every night on your mattress. Just take a moment to think about the amount of unhealthy air that you are breathing. Hence, it is wise to invest in a professional mattress cleaning agency like Justmop who are not have the industry’s best cleaning techniques and methods, know how, but are also equipped with enough manpower to handle the cleaning requirements all over Dubai.

Even the most hygienic people would be surprised by the sheer number of skin flakes and dust lingering on the fabric. That’s why it is always wise to invest in a professional mattress cleaning services like Justmop in Dubai. With their professionals cleaning, vacuuming or steam cleaning your mattress, you can be sure that with their best cleaning efforts, you will leave behind dirt and dust particles that could potentially cause serious respiratory and skin diseases. For cleaning tough stains and odor it is always best recommended to action steam cleaning for cleaning your mattress. Below are the benefits of a professional mattress cleaning.

  • Removes Pest Infestations : One of the big concerns for mattress cleaning is removing dust mites from your mattress. These dust mites are minute, therefore you can spot them with your naked eye. Though they are harmless, they can cause a number of allergic reactions like a blocked nose or breathing troubles. The best way to get rid of them is by steam cleaning your mattress by a well known mattress cleaning services like Justmop. Their eco friendly techniques ensure that pests are killed so that you mattress is bug free.


  • Removes Tough Stains and Odors : Your mattress may have tough stains caused by food particles or sweat or blood or urine, regular cleaning at home is not sufficient to remove these tough stains and odors. You may agree that your mattress has at least 5-6 stains caused by bedwetting, food spills by pets and young infants. The best way to remove these stains would be the steam cleaning method, because the chemical agents not only remove the tough stains and odors but also give a fragrant and fresh smell to your mattress. Justmop is a well known mattress cleaning company in Dubai offering affordable rates. Their professionals are well trained under the best professionals in the cleaning industry.


  • Increases Longevity of Mattress : When you invest in a professional mattress cleaning service, you extend the life your mattress. Because, professionals know the right techniques and methods that are necessary to carry out steam cleaning. Steam cleaning removes the dust from all layers of the mattress and increases the shelf life of your mattress

Professional mattress cleaning can improve your health and save you money, when it comes to mattress cleaning invest in the best service that provides your the best return on investment. Get in touch with professionals at Justmop here