Are you renovating your house or decorating a new one? Home emotion quotient plays a crucial role when it comes down to aesthetic sensibilities. And of course you can’t ignore the budget. Most often, budget and design go hand in hand. However, it is not always the case when you have design ideas from leading interior designers at your disposal. We are here to help you with creative design tips that will transform a regular space into a beautiful home.

Say It with Colours

Color Design

Your home expresses your style and what better way to flaunt who you are than choosing the right colour palette. While a monochrome look oozes class, but if you want to jazz up your décor a bit, then go for a solid bold colour on the accent wall. Pastels are your best bet when you want to create a calm ambience or to make a small room look bigger.

Mix & Match Textures

mixing match textures interior design

Experiment with textures – mix wood with metal or woven fabric with faux leather sofas to create an impact. Use different materials for your throws & cushions – materials such as cotton, wool, or silk as ideal. Add character to your room décor with exposing upholstery seams. Textures are your best friends if you want a dash of style to your home.

Play with Lighting

Play with Lighting

Ask any apartments interior designer, and he/she will tell you how lighting can play a huge role in enhancing the look & feel of your home. Make sure lighting comes from different sources because a simple overhead light will not do much to elevate the mood of the room. So go for floor lamps, table lamps, or recessed ceiling lights to create an impact.

Invest in Statement Pieces

A quirky vase on the coffee table or a stunning brightly-coloured rug in the living room can give your home a chic look. If you like to buy antiques or unique decorative pieces, make them the hero of your room décor. Interesting wall art can also give your home a wow factor. Remember, it’s not important to follow trends, don’t hesitate to buy what you love even if it’s not in. At the end of the day your home should resonate with your sense of style.

Furnish Right

Another sure-fire way to style up your home is to choose the right furniture. Low-slung furniture can make a room look taller and if you want to add volume to a small room, leave some space between the walls and the furniture. To cosy up a big room, choose big sofas and large-sized lamps and vases. An eclectic mix of furniture pieces can also add drama to a room. For instance, place a French Bergere chair in a contemporary style room and see the difference.

Choosing the right interior design for your home is the key to creating the home of your dreams. If you are looking for some design ideas, contact us. Our team of experts includes some of the best interior designers who can surely find a style that suits you unique type.