Every household of India needs hot water for every day chores, be it washing clothes, utensils or bathing in the morning. Early in the history, people used conventional method like heating water on the stove or firewood to satisfy the need or using hot water. In the recent time, boiling or heating water with traditional method is the last thing anyone can put in his to-do list. Today water heating has become easier, quicker and safe with the invention of water heating devices called geysers. As time passed, the water heating industry has witnessed evolution and the market today is flooded with different kinds of water heaters. Each kind of water heater is equipped with unique set of features catering to the specific requirements of the consumer. Sometimes, many options create confusion and leave you bewildered. Also, it is necessary to select the right kind of geyser for your household to avoid any discomfort. It is always recommended to shop the best water geysers in India online as it allows you to compare different kinds of geysers and evaluate them as per your needs.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into different types of water geysers and give you a comprehensive understanding of how to find the best water geyser online. We have also mentioned our recommendation of the best water geyser available online in each category.

In a broad spectrum, water geysers can be classified into the following main categories.

  1. Solar water geyser
  2. Gas water geyser
  3. Electric water geyser


Solar Water Geyser

Solar water heaters utilize the sun’s rays to heat water and so they are installed on the rooftops. They are eco-friendly as they work on renewable source of energy. They save nearly 80% of your total water heating cost. Solar heaters are recommended for the commercial usage, industries or large homes where hot water is used in huge volumes.

Gas Water Geyser

These type of water heating system works on compressed natural gas (CNG) or LPG as a source to heat water. Gas geysers are the most convenient and popular option for water heating as they are economical and easy to install. Also, gas geysers need extra safety precautions as the combustible gas is involved to heat water. It is advisable to invest in a trusted water heaters brand like hindware appliances gas water heaters that ensure high efficiency and superior safety.

Electric Water Geyser

As the name suggests, they run on electricity as a power source to function. Electric water heaters are further available as instant water heaters, storage water heaters and instantaneous water geysers.

Instant water heater gives you hot water immediately without keeping you waiting in the shower. Perfect for small families and small spaces, Instant water heaters like Hindware appliances instant water geyser, available in 3L and 1L capacities, boast of robust construction and are reinforced with Superior Safety features.

Storage water geyser comes with an insulated tank that can store hot water for larger durations. It is advisable for huge homes with large families. Hindware appliances storage water heaters come with strong-built insulated tanks that can retain 80% of the heat for long durations. They are designed to suit all kinds of spaces, families and meet diverse requirements.

Heat Pump water heater

A Heat pump water heating system is a thermodynamics machine that transfer heat from the outside (air and ground) using a compressor to heat up or cool down the house, and to produce hot water. Hindware Atlantic heat pump can provide savings of up to 80% on a heating bill and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 70% as compared to an oil- fuelled boiler.