The fashion retail industry is vast, varied, and constantly changing. What is new and modish today might become old-fashioned and outdated tomorrow. Hence it is important for all retailers to follow the most recent marketing trends in fashion. To abide by the changing tastes and needs of the consumers, most fashion retailers and fashion companies have understood the need for adopting marketing trends that are insights-driven. This helps retailers make data-based decisions, curate search data, and gain maximum profits – all in real time. The secret? Analytics Solutions!

So how do we fill the gap between customer needs and competition-advantage? We build a ramp-walk. Here are few disruptive fashion retail marketing trends that are the fashion industry a facelift.

  • Shopping on Social Media platforms: Social media, being the most happening medium of communication, lay a major influence on the fashion industry. Almost all the big and famous brands are now creating and developing social media links that will connect the consumers with their retail websites. Even social media stars are made a part business communication strategy to garner attention. Eventually, increase in revenue.


  • Help from machines: Retailers are banking of AI technology to make more informed decisions. Almost 45% of the retailers have adopted AI technology – a game changes in their business curve. AI technology helps analyse data and record online sales in a database. This smart data then influences the end customer in making a purchase decision. What products are trending at the moment? AI has the answer.


  • Exhibit to sell: Several retailers have embraced the idea of stepping out of the conventional shop and holding exhibitions. Holding exhibitions allows the retailers to display a few of their products around a theme, that entices the consumers to check out other products that are available in the shops as well. Fashion Retail Marketing Analytics Solutions allow retailers to curate that theme which connects seamlessly with the customer.

So far in 2018, the above marketing trends are helping fashion retailers gather customer insights that delight and engage. Wish to seize business moments with real-time insights? Then Manthan is your go-to little black dress.