We have seen a lot of aerial things happening around us like aerial dance, stunts, etc. but have you ever thought of aerial dining?? No?? Let’s make it possible for you. Fly Dining, the only restaurant in Bangalore which gives you hanging dine experience.

Fly Dining is a new concept of dining executed near Manyata Tech Park, Nagawara, Bangalore city. It is simply a dining table like we have in our houses or restaurant, but the only difference is, the table is not attached to the ground. Then where it will be??  To your surprise, the entire table will be suspended 160 feet high in the air. Isn’t it thrilling??

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Aerial View of the Dine:

As the table is pulled to 16 storeys height, the view from there is simply breathtaking. Not only that, the table slowly rotates 360 degree which gives a complete view of Hebbal’s Nagavara Lake and the surroundings of Manyata tech park.

How to Reach Out There?

You need not be a superman or super women as the cranes are connected to the table which will pull the whole set to the height. You just hold your breath and enjoy the helicopter view of Bangalore while having your meal.

How big is the dining table??

Well, you can experience a maximum of 22 dines. You are availed to choose your desired spot and also book the whole table for family gathering/party. The table will be centered by the chefs and bar tenders to serve the food and drink along with the photographer to capture your innovative dining experience.  The dinner will be held for an hour or more and the drinking session will last for half an hour. Obviously, you can’t stay hanged up there for whole night. Isn’t it?? For your kind information, No Alcohol is Served!!

How about the menu?

Let’s checkout the menu now. As the dine is in the air, it’s obvious that we can’t expect varieties to be served on such height. However, a set of menus will be followed which includes grilled chicken or a vegetable salad as a starter, followed by herbed rice, bruschetta and croquettes. Also, the yummy fruit bowl is available for those who live on diet. Of course, a range of mocktail is served to lift the evening mood. Fly dining is more of adventure rather than a dinner gathering, so enjoy the unique dining experience right here in Bangalore.

How safe it is being on such a height?

Safety First! Yes, it is very important, and the fly dining has kept the extreme arrangement for that. More of all, the concept of hanging restaurant is not so new as it is already hosted by CCPL Hospitality in Chandigarh in 2008 successfully. Now, it is hosted in over 40 other nations with no complaints. Still for your concern, every equipment used by Fly Dining has been tested and approved TUV Rheinland. The dining guests are buckled up on their respective seats beforehand and the hospitality crew is hooked by the safety harness all the time. A prime supervisor briefs all the diners about the do’s and don’ts through a safety video before starting the fly-high experience.