You think only women are crazy about shoes? Not really. There are so many trendy options when it comes to men shoes today. A pair of shoes for every occasion, festivals, office meetings, etc.  to counterpart their look and lifestyle. Now, they really shouldn’t be complaining but be celebrating as the range of FORMAL SHOES TREND FOR MEN have been introduced. So, just have a formal shopping with style.

So, what’s New in It?? Formal shoes for men have come with such a large variety that you can’t choose so easily. So, if you’re stuck with old sensible leather shoes, sandals or flipflops, then make a move to a nearby store or have a check online. Here’s presenting a range of exclusive formal shoes for men, a world of style and gesture.

Range?? Yes, not only according to the material but also other parameters like toe-shape, top line and of course a heel, but not like a women obviously. Let’s take a look at the some of the top picks of formal shoes around the world.


The name itself is so classy and actually so English. This brand is actually named after Oxford University after the popularity of shoes among the English aristocrats. It also has varied names in other parts of the world and has been characterised with its eyelet tabs. The best part is, it is appropriate for any red carpet event along with any formal collaborative.


Derby shoes also drag a way back to 1800s. But still old is gold! The style of sporting and hunting shoes are considered as a formal wear for specific occasions. Commonly referred as ‘bucks’, Derby shoes are the comfortable version of oxfords shoes. The tabs are stitched stylishly giving more of a breathing space in the section thereby holding an authentic look and feel.


Monk shoes are one of the most stylish shoes among all. Unlike the above two brands, this shoe does not have a lace but rather styled by a pair or single buckles or straps. The vamp area of the shoe is much wider thereby making it a comfortable foot wear. The loafers today are more of a snug spin-off trend that comes without straps so that you can just slip them on. The leather monks are classic and sophisticated, but the suede version is also setting on fire.


Boots are one of the oldest trends in formal shoes which actually never get old. They are highly comfortable, contemporary and classy. Over a decades, they are perfectly fit for any formal or auspicious occasion. This is something that ooze with style and every man should own at least a pair.


While many consider brogues to be a highly decorated piece, brogues refers to a shoe-tops with the perforations that are decorated in patterns. Oxfords or derby shoes can have a brogue patterns on them. The shoe is classified according to full-brogue, semi-brogue, longwing brogue, and a quarter brogue based on the embedded designs.

So now that you know your options, it’s time to buy a few pairs of formal shoes as much as you can.