Going Beyond Data Science – Explore Technologies That Will Shape The Future

Humongous amounts of data are being generated every day and this calls for data scientists to wrangle with the data at their disposal and drive out meaningful interpretations and empower organizations into making data-driven decisions.
Bengaluru alone accounts for 23% of these jobs while Delhi NCR for 22%, now that’s awe-inspiring!
Since the data science field is progressing at an extremely fast rate the umpteen need for data science talent especially in technology IT and industrial domain can barely keep pace with the supply of skilled data science professionals.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that a significant part of the data scientists in India, more than 40% have received data science job titles within the last 24 months.

What is Data Science?

When we talk about data science, it is not about making complicated models, exquisite visualizations, or writ

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ing code.
Data science is all about using the information to create as much influence as possible for a business. Now the effect could be in the form of several things such as insights, data products, or maybe product suggestions for a company.
Data science is the study of data, it involves developing methods of reporting, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information in order to make informed decisions.
Data science is used across various industries already. With the advancements in predictive modeling, data scientists can help predict the outcomes of a particular disease given the historical data of the patients.
With data science, financial organizations can manage their resources and make smarter decisions through fraud detection.
In the transport sector, data science has been actively used in the automation of self-driving cars.
The applications of data science are numerous, the data-driven technologies have already taken over the world which is creating havoc!

Why is Data Science important for businesses?

The value of data has now surpassed oil which itself shows the remarkable journey of data in the field of science and the data scientists will be of paramount importance for businesses across many verticals.
Data without science is zilch.
Every data generated needs to be read and analyzed to drive out meaningful interpretations. Scientific processes must be employed so that insightful data-driven solutions can be achieved.
Data create better customer experiences.
For products and goods, data science is leveraging the strength of machine learning to allow businesses to develop and produce items that buyers will adore. For example, for an eCommerce company, a sound recommendation system can help them discover their customer behavior by looking at their purchase history.
Data will be used across verticals.
There’ll be a high need to optimize business processes with data science from transport and banking to manufacturing. So an aspiring data scientist is going to have a completely new realm of possibilities open out there.

What makes a data science job so desirable?

Considering the basic laws of economics- supply, and demand, the demand for data science professionals is very high and the supply is too low.
According to extensive joint research performed by IBM, Burning Glass Technologies, and Business-Higher Education Forum, this tendency will continue to be strong for the years to come.
This by itself, determines that the salaries will be outstanding. Consequently, people are extremely willing to get into data science by undergoing various professional data science courses online.
There is a broad scope of data science in the present as well as future scenarios.

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Let us explore more about the emerging technologies in Data Science

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Automation technologies such as RPA – Robotic process automation can speed up and streamline processes that are used for customer service by minimizing errors in data collection, enabling self-service by providing access to back-end systems.

Augmented reality – AR enables customers to bring products into reality. With this technology, people can virtually try items like apparel before purchasing. With the inception of digital tools, such as augmented reality, e-commerce platforms can differentiate from the competition as well as transfer static websites/2D images to interactive and personalized experiences.

Artificial intelligence – Companies might use AI to offer personalized online experiences. For instance, the cosmetics industry can use AI algorithms that can be formulated to provide skin analysis and recommend suitable products.

IoT – The Internet of Things is a fast-growing technological innovation that focuses on linking all devices to the currently prevailing online infrastructure. Forbes reported that B2B spending on IoT technologies, solutions, and apps will be estimated to be more than $267 billion by 2021. Companies readily employing IoT industry experts are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Blockchain – This can be categorized as a data structure that holds transactional records while warranting security, transparency, and decentralization. It is similar to a chain of records stored in a form of blocks, not controlled by any single authority. Each transaction on a blockchain is encrypted with a digital signature that validates its authenticity. This makes the data stored in a blockchain tamper-proof and secure.

Cloud Computing – This means storing, accessing data and programs over the internet. According to IDC building, the infrastructure to support Cloud Computing now accounts for more than a third of all IT spending worldwide. The most prominent companies in Cloud Computing are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, and IBM cloud service.

Where to learn data science from?
Keeping in mind the growing demand for data scientists, data science training institutes have been emerging at a significantly faster rate, especially online courses. This is indeed a convenient way to acquire knowledge by enrolling in one of the best data science institutes in India, where one has the liberty to learn at his/her own pace and from any location.

All you have to do is type, “ data science programs near me”. And you will land on a page full of data science programs online in and around your location.

Ed-tech companies like Datatrained offer an eye-catching and business-centric data science program online which is coupled with a 6 months industrial internship. This will give a much-needed break to the aspirants into solving real-life industry problems and taking data-driven decisions keeping them ahead in the rat race.

At minimum learning investment, one can avail the choicest data science programs online that will help you learn the important tips and techniques required for a data scientist to grab the opportunity and make the most of it.

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This is indeed one of the best data science programs in India for aspiring data scientists.