It’s time for your evening break and you are wondering what to have with your evening tea. Let us guess – the usual suspects are samosas, pakodas, and kachodis. They are tasty treats, no doubt. But are they good for your waistline? Will they help you in controlling your cholesterol and blood sugar levels? The answer is an obvious no. So why not switch to healthier alternatives? Here are five healthy and tasty snacks that are perfect tea time companions. And the best part is that you can buy these healthy foods online.

  • Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are a rich source of fibre, vitamins, and other nutrients. As they are fibre-rich, their glycemic index is low, which means they are slowly digested and absorbed and cause a slower rise in blood glucose level, keeping your blood sugar levels in control. They are also low in fat and contain more protein and calcium compared to other cookies. Some oatmeal cookies are gluten-free. So if you are allergic to gluten, they are a great choice for you.

  • Digestive Biscuits

Digestive biscuits are made of whole grains. It means that they are not only packed with vitamins and minerals but are also high in fibre which is good for digestion and sugar control. They are low in calories and hence help in weight loss.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate is not only yummy but is healthy too, especially the semi-sweet variety that is used in these cookies. The chips used in Choco Chip Cookies cookies are made of dark chocolate, which is very rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants found in dark chocolate are known to boost good cholesterol levels leading to a healthier heart. In fact, moderate consumption of dark chocolate has been found to reduce heart failure. Do you need any more reason to buy these snacks online right away?

  • Dry Fruit Biscuits

Dry fruits are rich in antioxidants, have low fat, and are known to be great energy boosters. You can have all these benefits by munching on some delectable dry fruits biscuits with your evening tea. These biscuits are available in different varieties containing different kinds of dry fruits. So order one with your favourite nuts and eat your way to good health.

  • Wafers

These light, thin, and crisp goodies are low in fat content and hence are perfect for those of you who are watching your weight. They are also a great way to satisfy your sugar cravings when you are on a diet.

Now that you know these healthier and mouthwatering alternatives to your fried and greasy favourites, the next time you grab your evening cup of tea, go for them. You can buy these yummy munchies and similar healthy foods online by visiting our online store at