It may be hard to get rid of a foot blister. However, it’s sure that you can heal it. This space is for you to learn how to treat a foot blister when you have painful blisters on your feet and other areas. This condition can become worst because of friction and moisture. That’s why you should make sure your feet bone is kept dry anyway. Remember to clean your feet before wearing on a pair of shoes. Keep reading this article to get more simple home remedies for this foot condition.

  • Protect it By Tent it

You can consider bandages in order to reduce friction. Moreover, this way can prevent your foot condition from irritating contact. More importantly, you need to know how to apply them effectively to get rid of your foot blister. With this remedy, you blister have the opportunity to breath. As a result, you can prevent the problem from friction. Plus, you won’t worry about the dirt and debris because the amount will decreases. These factors can cause infection.

  • Soak Your Feet In A Green Tea

When it comes to green tea, you can find anti-inflammatory properties in it. So, how to get rid of the condition with green tea? First, you need to prepare three tea bags. Then, brew them in the boiling water. Throw a teaspoon of baking soda in. Next, it’s essential to cool the brew before soaking your blister in. Also, you can apply gauze as a home remedy to the blister areas. It’s better to soak in the warm water in order to soften up.

  • Dab on Apply cider vinegar

It can sting, so remember to be careful. This remedy is actually a great treatment for your foot blister. The fact is that the cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties. It can be able to prevent your blister from getting infected. If you feel pain when applying this remedy, you should wash the blister with hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, cover the area with the antibacterial oil.

  • Pop Vitamin E

You can find excellent properties for repairing skin in Vitamin E. Therefore, it can help to heal your skin quickly. Moreover, it can prevent scarring as well. It’s not hard to buy vitamin E oil. We recommend you to apply it directly to your blister areas.

  • Apply Castor Oil

This is also one of the best home remedies for foot blister condition. The thing you need to do is simply apply it before your bedtime. Then, hold it overnight in order to dry up and heal your foot blister. It’s a good idea if you want to mix it with the apple cider vinegar for more effective healing.

  • Dab on Witch hazel

They include astringent tannins that are essential for you to keep your blister dry. It’s important to keep your blister foot clean. Once you apply witch hazel, don’t forget to use a clean cotton ball.

  • Apply aloe vera gel

Actually, it can be able to reduce not only redness but also swelling as it’s an anti-inflammatory. As a result, you can help your pain. According to many studies, it is known as a traditional medicine for effective treatment. Therefore, apply it as a great home remedy for your blister foot.

  • Let Blister Breathe

Many doctors admit that you can heal the blister more quickly if you leave the cover. It’s best to leave it in a clean environment. That’s why you should remove bandages whenever you are not away. This method is to help your foot blister breathe. At the same time, it helps to dry the area up. The antibacterial ointment can help you to prevent your blisters from getting infected.

Other Treatments

  • Shoe selection

Make sure the shoe you wear on is suitable properly. In fact, some shoes are better for wider feet, while others work well for narrow feet. With a good pair of shoe, you can prevent your feet from heel slippage and painful rubbing.

In addition, it’s important to give enough room for your big toe. So, you need a thumb-width distance. You need to check your arch so that you can choose shoes that offer the right arch support. We encourage you buy a pair of inserts for more support.

To determine which shoe you should buy, let go to a shoe store. Then, you can learn what support your feet need. Your treadmill allows you to get a picture of your feet. Therefore, you can get the right diagnoses.

  • Socks

Regarding socks, you should choose breathable socks. These socks can be able to help cool down your feet when they heat up during your run. If you don’t know which sock is the right for you, you can visit a shoe specialist for some recommendations.

  • Keep your feet dry

Once you plan to go for a race, your feet need to be kept dry completely. Only when they are dry, you should wear your socks and shoes. By this way, you can protect your feet from blisters. Another great thing to consider is to apply baby powder or foot powder. Apply them before wearing on your socks to relieve any sweat.

Besides that, you can also use a blister block as a treatment. However, you have to stop if you have any discomfort.


It’s so easy to get the foot blister. However, don’t worry! It’s also not difficult to prevent this problem. These conditions are easy to handle. If you let blister last for a long time, it can result in the athletes, especially for runners. There are many causes of this foot condition such as the pinching of the skin. It may be caused by repetitive friction. All home remedies are all effective for your blister. In addition, you can treat it by putting a little extra on your footwear before your workout or your run. Hope all of our tips are useful for you when you are looking for the treatment for it.