India, an incredible nation is well known for the unity in diversity. It’s well said that one can experience the whole world if they do a complete tour of India. Here, every state is different from the other and so do their signature food. Mostly influenced by the vibrant climate and culture, the Indian food prepared in every corner of the country has its own unique flavor and the whole world craves for that. Lakhs of tourists come to visit India and what creates the magic in their trip is the Indian food, the best way to connect people from all around the world.

  • Kheer:

Let’s start with a sweet. Kheer is a typical Indian sweet made of rice and dry fruits dipped in the milk. It is served as a dessert in every Indian house. The recipe is very simple but equally tough to prepare as it needs a lot of patience and care. It is usually served hot but in exception case, it can be served cold too.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani:

Biryani is one of the famous Indian food which is prepared by mixing the rice with the meat (especially chicken, mutton and beef). Moreover, Hyderabadi Biryani is a special biryani of Hyderabad. It is prepared with a special recipe which makes it unique among all the biryani flavors. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare this ultimate dish.

  • Dosa:

An interesting food called Dosa is one of the famous items in South India. This is the only food which can be taken in Breakfast, lunch as well as Dinner without any issue. It has a variety according to the state and hence has go lots of side names like paper dosa, set dosa, masala dosa, plain dosa, etc. Dosa is made with rice flour, wheat flour, and other grinded grains, hence very healthy.

  • Kadhi:

Again, an ultimate dish in North India – Kadhi is a soupy dish made of gram flour and curd. Slightly sour and spicy Indian dish, Kadhi is served with rice during summer commonly known as “Kadhi Chawal”.

Tandoori chicken:

If you visit Punjab and Haryana, you will come across Tandoori Chicken.  It is nothing but a grilled chicken dish popular for its yummy taste. The chicken is marinated in spices and put in tandoor (a special type of Desi ovan) to cook. The dish is taken as a side dish with drinks as well as in a meal.

  • Poha:

A famous breakfast in Maharashtra and some part of Gujarat. This is a light morning dish made of flat rice either with onion or potato. Not only in Indian houses, but Poha is also available in the restaurants and fast food stalls.

  • Pav bhaji:

Mumbai can’t be complete without Pav Bhaji. A combination of desi bun and mix veg curry, Pav Bhaji is wildly famous especially in Mumbai. Its delicious taste connects people from all around the world.

  • Thukpa:

Now coming towards North East, the area is mostly influenced by Chinese cuisine. Among many delicious food and snacks, Thukpa – a homemade soupy noodles are admired widely by the visitors. It is basically prepared by boiling the noodles which after staining the water is mixed with the homemade veg or non-veg soup.

This is not all. India is a land of flavor and spices and it is seen in every dished prepared in Indian kitchen. So, visit India and explore the vibrant cuisine made with extra love added.