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Here’s what you need to know about NITSTONE’s consumer durable loans.

Usually, we can manage day to day expenses and monthly budgets and bills and we can even save for larger purchases. But sometimes, we may not be able to meet expenses, especially during the festive season, which is a good time to buy consumer durables (CDs). CDs like white goods, must-have gadgets, lifestyle enhancements like things you might need for a renovation—these often necessitate an extra stash of cash. Such credit has risen sharply in the overall consumer loan portfolio of banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). But, banks are no longer able to fulfill the demand for these loans and NBFCs are addressing this need gap.

So, if you are looking for a way to finance such short-term purchases and want access to quick funds and you have a salary or other regular income, then you may be eligible to apply for a consumer durable loan online.

Here are some reasons why Nitstone’s consumer durable loans are preferred over others.

No running around

The process of applying for an Instant Consumer Durable Loan online does not involve laborious paperwork, or any hassles like going from bank to bank or filling multiple application forms with too many questions, which could deter you from your purchase decisions. With us, you can easily apply online or right from your home, get a quick approval and proceed with your plans.

Available when you need it

NBFCs are much more agile and on the ground than established banks that are over-burdened by regulations and processes that take time for approval of loans, by which time consumers may lose the window of opportunity or even the desire to make a purchase. At Nitstone, we understand that and we provide Instant Consumer Durable Loans that can be useful when you need it and provide a solution for money woes at the right time.


Although consumer durables have seen competitive market forces make them more affordable, inflation continues to elude many salaried people from accessibility to those goods. We have a focus on bringing more accessibiity with the consumer durable loans. At Nitsone Finserv, we offer instant consumer durable loans of up to Rs.5 lakhs with convenient EMI repayments.

Ease of use

When you get in touch with us, we guide you to the loan you need you need based on your requirements and apply for a consumer loan on EMIWe walk you through the repayment process, which you can reach to us about at any time later also. Once you apply, our representative will get in touch with you for a suitable time to collect your documents. Once they have been checked and filed, you will receive your funds in your nominated account.

No hassles

We help you meet your credit ratings and be fiscally prudent through the term of the loans with solutions like easy automated repayments and reminders, which prevent you from defaulting on your loan payments.

Talk to one of our friendly customer service executives and take care of your financial needs today or apply online for a Nitstone Finserv EMI card.