Understanding the Real Beauty in Discipline

Discipline is certainly not what we as Indians perceive it to be; parents reward behaviour they deem to be right. Young children express their feelings through behaviour as their vocabulary or perspective has not yet developed. What we need to understand is that a child misbehaving in the early stages gives a parent or an institute a chance to make room for discussion with a child. Being patient and calm with the child during the discussion is going to develop a sense of security and strength within the child. The child will learn the opposite of his behaviour through you showing composure. Take this chance to strengthen the bond with your child and teach them the value of positive inter-personal relationships.

Make Children Understand Why

Many parents have opted for Boarding Schools in Bangalore as they adopt an open approach. This approach pays special emphasis on making students understand that the goal of discipline is for the child to learn to make healthy choices and prioritise things daily. The schools must set a standard of acceptable behavioural traits, for this, there should be a policy set out for disciplinary sanctions to be adopted if a pupil misbehaves. The school authority should be pro-active to provide guidance before the onset of any crisis, rebellious behaviour against specific rules is your window to investigate further and provide supportive guidance.

Defining Clear Boundaries

As adults, we cannot abdicate our responsibility when children go beyond the set of respectable boundaries. Bad behaviour disrupts education, four out of five pupils say that some of their classmates disrupt lessons. All of this arises from the lack of respect. Teachers as well as parents must not accept any justification for physical or verbal assault. Pupils, parents and teachers should be empowered to deal with those who are ill-disciplined or truant. Lack of respect is one of the major reasons why teachers and parents alike.

A lot can be done by providing a welcoming environment, clear rules and determination from school to make families accept their responsibility. Best IB schools in Bangalore have taken up the challenge to enforce cultural acceptance and school attendance.  Many International schools in Bangalore have the capability to start an awareness campaign where in parents are taught as to why it is a grave responsibility to ensure that their child goes to school regularly. Schools can get together and ensure they have a voluntary community to ensure attendance strategies under an education welfare team.

When your children are young they should be taught to respect you, themselves and others. If you can teach your children this, they’re likely to carry that value with them as they enter the real world and use it to become successful, happy, and contributing adults.