The management and movement of the lathe machines are finished with the assistance of computers. The function of the lathe machine actuated by the computer numerical controls (CNC) is understood as CNC lathe. Best parts of the CNC lathe machines are explained by one of the expert CNC lathe machine supplier are given below:

CNC lathe machine parts

Vice: Vice is really like a clamp that holds the job. At the time of machining the material should be held tightly otherwise it’ll shake or vibrate and may fly out which may cause serious injury. Therefore the main function of the vice is to carry the material in the good position for cutting and shaping.

Guard: The guard gives an extra protection to the CNC machine operator. The guide keeps the harmful areas enclosed with some kind of barrier. Dangerous area means the areas from where chips can be shooting and head towards the machine operator.

Chuck: This part holds the material that is required to be shaped or cut. Materials should be mounted to the chuck with care otherwise the material will fly out of the chuck causing injury. Generally, chucks are used to hold the cutter.

Motor: The motor is the main part which moves the whole CNC lathe. This device rotates the chuck of the CNC.

Lathe bed: It’s the bottom of the lathe machine. Typically CNC machines use special foundation for making the machine stationary so the lathe bed doesn’t move or vibrate.

Cutting tool: Very prime quality steel is used to make the cutting tools. Differing types of cutting tools are used to form the material.

Some of the types of lathe machines explained by Centre Lathe Machine Manufacturer are:

Speed lathes

It is very easy designs. It only has headstock, tailstock and a very straightforward tool post. It will operate in 3-4 speeds. The spindle speed is incredibly high. It’s used for light machine works like wood turning, metal spinning, and metal polishing.

Engine Lathes

The most common types of lathe machines are Engine lathes. It’s designed for low power operations as well as high power operations. Various lengths of the machine are available.

Toolroom lathes

It is a very versatile lathe machine. It will offer better accuracy and finishing. It has a wider range of speeds. It will offer different types of feeds. It may be an excellent device to manufacture die.

Turret Lathes

It is an excellent machine for fast operations. Its various varieties of tool posts mounted on a single structure. As a number of tools are set up on the machine, the work can be completed very quickly with the assistance of a single setup.