If you want to know that how the monoclonal antibodies are produced then you must read this article with good focus. This topic is not so complicated but this can be a tricky subject. The production of monoclonal is surely changed in few years because of technology enhancement. Firstly you should know what Monoclonal Antibodies are.

The short name of Monoclonal Antibodies is mAb or moAb.  It is antibodies which are prepared by same cells (immune). The meaning of immune cells is all clones of the different parent cell. Actually, these antibodies acquire monovalent affinity. Monoclonal Antibodies bind to an identical epitope. Bispecific monoclonal antibodies surely are engineered by increasing of therapeutic targets of one monoclonal antibody of different episodes.

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Steps to the production of Monoclonal Antibodies

  1. Immunization

The very first step in the production of Monoclonal Antibodies is Immunization of an animal. Normally, mouse is immunized in this production. The antigen and adjuvant are injected. The injections at different sites are repeated many times. By this process stimulation of B- lymphocytes is increased which response to antigen. Just before three days of killing a dose of antigen for the last time is inserted in the animal.

  1. Fusion of cell

Very clean lymphocytes and HGPRT myeloma cells mix together. This mixture then exposed to PEG (polyethylene glycol) for a short amount of period as it is toxic. After this cells are kept in very clean and fresh medium. These cells are actually composed with a mixture of fused cells (hybridomas) which is free of myeloma cells and lymphocytes.

  1. Selection in Hybridomas

Only hybridomas cells grow when the cells are cultured in the medium of a HAT. The amazing thing is that other cells except for hybridomas cell slowly got disappear. This whole process is completed in 7 to10 days. actually, this process of selecting hybrid cells is crucial. This is only possible if these cells are isolated individually.

  1. Screening of the products

The hybridomas are then screened for the desired result. Mainly this is done by techniques known as ELISA and RIA. In these process, all unwanted elements washed out. With the help of this one, the antibody can be seen be screening. The antibody secreted with the help of these hybrid cells is known as the monoclonal antibody.

  1. Propagation and cloning

The hybrid cells then again isolated and cloned. Limiting dilution method and the soft agar method is used for completing this process.