Onboarding is critical in providing new hires with a comfortable experience and making them feel at home in a new organization. However, it is a lengthy process and can be quite burdensome for the in-house HR team. But organizations cannot afford to handle onboarding poorly because studies have shown that having a sound onboarding plan is crucial for long-term employee retention. So what can companies do to transform this process into a seamlessly assimilating one where an eager new hire soon transitions into an engaged employee? Seek the expertise of HR Onboarding Services is the most obvious answer.

As the name suggests, HR onboarding services are dedicated to simplify and streamline the entire onboarding process to enhance the new employee’s experience. From HR-related paperwork, arranging orientation events, answering queries, to providing soft/technical training, they handle every single aspect of the onboarding process. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to surmise that they are transforming the way companies welcome new employees into the fold and are creating new ways of improving employee-employer collaboration.

Here’s why taking help of HR onboarding services for your company’s next onboarding program is a good idea.

  • Technology-driven solutions

HR onboarding services utilize HR onboarding software to schedule and track various onboarding activities including orientation, mentoring, training, seamless payroll integration, creating employee databases, and on-the-job training evaluation. Having an onboarding software in place diminishes chances of missing out crucial steps and as they have a standard program for new hires, there is minimal scope for confusion.

  • Expert guidance

HR onboarding service providers have HR professionals with expertise in different aspects of the hiring and onboarding process in their team. They provide helpful information to new hires and give the best solution to queries that they might have. They also conduct various engagement programs to provide support to new employees to make their initial days at work hassle-free and comfortable.

  • Effective two-way feedback

As your new hires undergo engagements and training to equip them for their job, you will get reports on their learning curve. At the same time, through surveys and periodic reports, you will get to know how the employee feels about the onboarding process. This will help you to nip any signs of employee dissatisfaction in the bud and build the foundation for a long-term relationship.

  • Reduction in HR workload

Bringing a new hire on-board requires the HR to spend most of the time in filing paperwork, organizing orientation events, arranging training and tracking and filling performance data, instead of focusing on building the relationship with the new employee. With an HR onboarding software in place, HR can now focus on the core agenda and leave the tedious and time-consuming administrative work to HR onboarding services.

HR onboarding services are designed to enhance the employee experience right from day one and prepare the ground for employee success. If you are keen on transforming your onboarding program into a proactive one, get in touch with us. We, at Neeyamo, offer onboarding solutions customized to suit your organization’s needs.