India is fast developing as one of the prime attractions for a number of companies due to its huge base of an educated and competent workforce as well as for economic reasons. A number of emerging towns are being converted into hubs for multi-national companies to lay their foundations. While governments have set up a number of Special Economic Zones that provide a number of economic benefits to the companies, there are other private Business centres for rent as well that are not only financially beneficial but also located at convenient places for the ease of transport for the employees.

Here are some of the top few business center in India:

  • Quest Offices Pvt Ltd

It is important to have superior quality when it comes to establishing a new office. Quest helps the investors in creating the most premium offices in demand with limited forefront capital. The enterprise provides quite a few workspaces intended for large-scale businesses as well those working on their own or from a remote location. All the important amenities are provided to the employees like cafeteria within the building, a leisure zone and all this for a flexible payment structure.

  • Vatika Business Centre & Co-working Spaces

This business centre provides all the benefits such as meeting rooms to connect with the whole team as well as concierge services. It also provides other fringe benefits like the support of virtual offices that enables the employees to work from anywhere in the world. This chain has over 17 premium quality business centers in all the prime locations in the country. The rent is flexible and can be fixed on both per hour or per month basis depending on the convenience of the company.

  • MLS Business Centres India Pvt Ltd

Established in 1998, MLS Business Centres India Pvt Ltd has a comprehensive experience in catering to a number of organizations and help them to retain their individual business identity and at the same time, help them to grow. MLS offers quality workspaces at affordable rates and flexible packages. The business center is located at a convenient location that allows ease of transport as well.

  • Newbridge Business Centres

This is primarily a UK based agency that has recently set its foundations in India. This business center offers a number of amenities including manpower, large working space, safety, other facilities that are needed to set up an office at an extremely affordable rate. The owners of the business can look forward to saving anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of their workspace costs by joining hands with Newbridge Business Centres.

  • Ascent Business Center

Primarily based out of Noida, India, Ascent Business Center provides completely furnished office spaces that are well-equipped with conference and meeting rooms as well as all the basic requirements to set up an office. It is the most appropriate for companies that deal with IT or BPO services and takes care of all the unnecessary hassles allowing the clients to focus on their business. The neighbourhood is well-suited for the development of a good IT-based company and is located nearby all the amenities.