Are you planning on buying a new washing machine or thinking of upgrading your smartphone? A consumer durable loan can help you meet the expenses. But if you are a self-employed individual, you might face some challenges in getting credit as some lenders prefer to provide loans to individuals with a fixed monthly income. However, at Nitstone Finserv, if you are a self-employed individual with a regular income and between 21 and 60 years of age, you are eligible for consumer loans on EMI. We believe an improved and more comfortable lifestyle should be within your reach, and offer instant consumer durable loans to self-employed individuals like you. Here’s why we are your ideal choice for consumer durable loans.

  • Easy online application

You don’t have to visit our branch to get your loan approved. You need just 10 minutes to apply for a consumer durable loan online with us. Fill in the application form and our executives will get in touch with you to collect your documents. After that, we will credit the loan amount to your account.

  • On-the-spot approval

If you are buying a product from one of our partner stores, our in-store representatives will help you get your loan approved in 5 minutes.

  • Nitsone Finserv EMI card

We understand it’s not always possible to have credit/ cash surplus. That’s why we offer Nitsone Finserve EMI card. With this card can buy a wide range of durable, digital products, and luxury items without worrying about the interest. With our EMI card, you are eligible for

  1. Loan up to Rs 5 Lakhs for durable products
  2. Loan up to Rs 3 Lakhs for lifestyle finance
  3. Loan up to Rs 1 Lakhs for digital products
  4. Loan up to Rs 1 Lakhs for online shopping
  • Loan available for online shopping

Our EMI card gives you the freedom to shop not only from brick-and-mortar stores but from online stores as well. The best part is that you can make all your online purchases with zero down payments.

  • Minimum Documentation

You don’t need to submit a plethora of documents to get an instant consumer durable loan from us. Here’s the list of documents you will need to furnish:

  1.   Photo id proof
  2.   Address proof
  3.   One canceled cheque in case of Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)

Credit program specific documents like a photocopy of your credit card or the latest bank statement of income account

If you already have a Nitstone EMI card, you don’t have to submit any document as all your details are with us.

  • Prepayment option

We offer part prepayment facility which allows our customers to pre-pay a part of their loan. This brings down overall tenure/EMIs and the customer can close the loan sooner.

  • Pre-approved offers

Every now and then, we provide exclusive and exciting pre-approved offers on the products of our retail partners and manufacturers for our customers. This means you will get the best deals on the best products.

At Nitstone, we provide the best financial options to help our customers have the lifestyle of their choice. So the next time you think about getting a consumer durable loan, choose us. For more information, visit