3rd July Current Affairs


Question:  The central government has approved a special liquidity scheme (SLS) for NBFCs and HFCs through
a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) recently. Name the company which set up a SPV called SLS Trust to manage the operations.
Answer – SBI Capital Markets Limited

Question: Which bank has launched ‘Insta Loans against Mutual Funds’ facility in partnership with
Computer Age Management Services (CAMS)?
Answer – ICICI Bank

Question:  Who has been appointed as the interim chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC),
succeeding Shashank Manohar?
Answer – Imran Khwaja

Question: V Suryanarayanan has become the new MD of which general insurance company with effect from
July 1, 2020?
Answer – Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

Question:  Who among the following were members of International scientific group formed by UN chief for
global food summit 2021?
Answer – Rattan Lal, Uma Lele

Question:  Who has been appointed as permanent representative of India to UN and other organizations in
Answer – Indra Mani Pandey

Question:  Karnam Sekar has been retired from the post of MD&CEO of which bank?
Answer – Indian Overseas Bank

Question:  What is the % increase in marine fish production 2019 when compared to 2018, as per report
released by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI)?
Answer – 2.1%

Question:  Which state topped in fish production based on volume, as per “Annual Marine Fish Landings in
India for 2019” report of CMFRI?
Answer – Tamil Nadu

Question:  Name the ministry, which has released the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines Handbook recently.
Answer – Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Question:  Which state has amended Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act which will enable the
state to increase the borrowing limit to 5% from 3% of GSDP?
Answer – Telangana

Question:  Find the state which has decided to increase the green cover through extensive plantations over
1.30 lakh Hectares of land recently.
Answer – Odisha

Question:  Which board has launched ‘Accelerate Vigyan’ scheme to provide platform for research
Answer – Science and Engineering Research Board

Question:  What is the estimated outlay of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana (PMGKAY) between
April-November 2020 as per the Department of Food and Public Distribution?
Answer – 1,48,938 crores

Question:  The Mon district administration has received 2020 SKOCH awards under three categories in the
65th SKOCH summit. Mon is the district in which state?
Answer – Nagaland

Question:  Who among the following has been named as ‘2020 Great Immigrants’ by Carnegie Corporation?
Answer – Siddhartha Mukherjee,Raj Chetty

Question:  Name the person who heads the 9-member working group constituted by IRDAI to study
suitability of surety bond issuance by Indian insurers.
Answer – G. Srinivasan

Question:  Who heads the committee constituted by Ministry of Home Affairs for reform in criminal law?
Answer – Ranbir Singh

Question:  What is the name of India’s Venus mission which is scheduled to be launched at end of 2023?
Answer – Shukrayaan-1

Question:  The US based Carlyle Group decided to acquire ___% stake in Nxtra Data Ltd, an arm of Bharti
Airtel for $235 million.
Question:  25