Trip to Darjeeling – How it feels when you hear it?? Does the slanting tea garden pop up in front of your eyes like you see in the movies? I bet, you can’t remain without imagining the chilled weather and the one and only – the first toy train.

Well, the real thrill of Darjeeling cannot be experienced without landing there personally. The simplicity and the natural resources make this hill station an amazing vacation hub for the national as well as foreign tourists.

Darjeeling is a small foothill situated in North East Zone of West Bengal state. Being a hill station, it is totally different from the other region of the state in terms of race, culture, food habits, and language. Even though the people prefer momos more than rice and chapati, they have a very welcoming nature just like the residing environment. May be this is because of the impact of nature which they worship as their mother.

Now coming to the amazing spots of Darjeeling, you can’t deny that the trip to Darjeeling is a wonderful journey you never want to miss. The list of places goes like this:

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Located at the height of over 2200 mtr, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway runs the tourist train every 2 hours. Due to just 3 to 4 coach attached to the engine, this train is widely famous as the Toy Train. These trains run on both diesel and Steam. These tiny miny trains are the center of attraction in Darjeeling Tourism that covers most of the neighboring hills and the entire mountain views. It basically starts from Ghum (station) and ends in Siliguri and vice versa.

Tiger Hill

Now let’s move towards the most beautiful moment to be spent after landing in Darjeeling – A visit to the Tiger Hill which is nothing, but the sun rise point. Though most of the time visitors go unlucky due to heavy fog in the morning, still the moment of sunrise gives the ultimate joy to them whenever they get chance to live the moment. Usually, the tourists put their camp near the Tiger Hill at the previous night itself so that they won’t miss the heavenly instant of sunrise.

Batasia Loop

If you take a Toy train trip from Darjeeling station (Ghum), then you will be passing the magnificent Loop commonly known as Batasia (or Batasey). As said, it’s a loop in Hill Cart Road which gives you a 360-degree view of the landscape in one shot. Here you can see the Darjeeling hill town in one side, and the great Eastern Himalayas including Mount Kanchenjunga on the other side.


After you capture the surrounding spots, lets head towards the Darjeeling town which still has many things to offer. Mall or Chowrasta, a flat open public square is a pedestrian zone situated at the center of the town. It is completely free of traffic and has a perfect ambience for people to enjoy the evening sunset with a hot served tea and local snacks.

The visit does not end here. Darjeeling is not only full of tourist spots but also consists of holy places like Ghum Monastery, Darjeeling Zoo, and historical base. Most of all, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is situated in no other than Darjeeling. So, make your trip to Darjeeling and get a chance to stay closer to the nature.