Its Valentine’s day! The day of expressing Love – The pure, unbound love. Today, the entire world is celebrating this day of love with their whole heart. City streets are full of roses and gift items, restaurants are fully reserved by the couples no matter young or old, movie theaters are booked in advance, and of course the lovers park is more than a house full today. In short, there is no place left untouched by love.

Don’t know since when it started but Valentine’s Day celebration has definitely spread to almost all parts of the globe by now. Well, being an idle country for eternal love since history, how can India stay untouched by the valentine charm. But seriously, why we celebrate Valentine’s Day so eagerly? What is it all about? Here is what the story of Valentine’s day is about!!!

According to the Christian folks, today’s Valentine’s Day was actually the feast for honoring Saint Valentinus. He was a former bishop who encouraged the true love all his life and helped many couples to get married who were forbidden to do so. His holy contribution towards love was honored after his death in the name of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t know about other regions, but the custom of celebrating Valentine’s Day is quite unique and interesting in India. Basically, it’s rather a Valentine week which starts exactly on 7th of February and blooms till 14th. So, how does people celebrate the occasion for the entire week? Let’s have a check!!!

  • 7th Feb – Rose Day

Roses are a symbol of love since the beginning and hence the first day of Valentine week starts with gifting rose to the loved ones. People give the different color of roses as a token of love according to their relationship status such as red rose – Love, Yellow Rose – Friendship, Orange Rose – Commitment, Pink Rose – Admire, Blue Rose – Care, and so on. These are various colors of love which people express to one another in India.

  • 8th Feb – Propose Day

This day is very important to those who lack the confidence to express their true feelings in front of their love. This day itself is a motivation for letting their heart out in terms of words and expression. Still, people keep taking help of ring, roses, gift cards or a cute gift on this day to show what they feel for their fellow partner.

  • 9th Feb – Chocolate Day

“Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye” – We have heard this in every joyful occasion. So, why not today? After propose day comes Chocolate day where lovers treat their loved ones with yummy chocolates.

  • 10th Feb – Teddy Day

This is my favorite!!! Teddy day is celebrated on 10th of Feb where people gift toys, especially teddy bear to their partners or young ones to show how adorable they are in one’s heart.

  • 11th Feb – Promise Day

Basically, promise day is a special day for couples who are married or would be. This day, they give and take promise from each other to be together forever. Sounds soooooooo romantic!!!!!!!!!! Well, don’t know how long they keep up the promise… Jokes apart

  • 12th Feb – Hug Day

“Jaadu Ki Jhappi” – A typical Indian style of love exchange. Well, in Hug Day, people give a warm hug to their beloved ones. This becomes really interesting because most of the youth enjoy giving tight hug to their lovers and friends with joy on this day.

  • 13th Feb – Kiss Day

Well, kiss has been described as a magical heeler for sorrow, sadness and depression. So, there should definitely be a day for it too. However, 13th Feb is chosen as a kiss day which everybody waits for with full of eager.

  • 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

Now, here comes the big day. Today is the day of love, affection, surprises, and joy. Love is expressed in many ways and this Valentine’s Day has brought the same charm to you. So, after hell lot of planning and hard work, you are honored to enjoy the day with your close ones. Just love and be loved by your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day.