Kargil War – One of the legendary conflicts between India and Pakistan is added as the important chapter in Indian History. Kargil, the district of Kasmir and the entire nation will never forget the day when the idol of astonishing beauty – Kashmir was bathed with the blood of innocent citizens followed by many of the Indian forces while stopping the intruders. With that, the entire Indians can’t stop remembering The Bravehearts Of the Kargil War – Our Indian Soldiers who sacrificed their life while saving our mother land and her children. Vijay Diwas, named after the victory of mission Vijay during Kargil war is celebrated thereby honoring the Bravehearts of the Kargil War.

Let’s have a look on the cruel truth of the War of Kargil:

The evil phase of Kargil war took place between the month of May and July 1999. The war started when a troop of Pakistani soldiers trespassed the LOC (Line of Control) of Indian side masquerading themselves as Kashmiri force with their dirty motives.  They soon started showing up their dirty faces with their cunning act of capturing the area with the help of their special armed forces.

The war was on the peak as it was a very quick and vigorous attack against Indian border security system. The war was not so easy as the Pakistani militants had an advantage of height with which they could watch, attack and make the movement according to their convenience. But who could stop the brave Indian soldiers when it comes to Mother Land? They soon showed up their strength and courage and brought back what was ours. Their love for the nation was seen clearly in this massive inter nation war.

In early stage of the war, Pakistan made the independent Kashmiri rebel answerable for the fight, but the evidence and the witnessed proofs left behind by victims made it clear that there was an involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces who lit the war under the commandment of General Ashraf Rashid. Even the Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan agreed with it in the later statements. The brave Indian Army reinforced recaptured most of the captured area on the Indian side of LOC with the help of heroic Indian air force. Under the pressure of international diplomatic opposition, the Pakistani forces had to leave the remaining positions along with the LOC.

The conflict between the two neighboring rival countries continued for 60 days despite of worse natural calamities, hunger, death, and sufferings. Moreover, it was the time to safeguard our country for which Indians are always ready. The war took the life of 527 brave Indian soldiers who fought till their last breath for the honor of the country.

This massive conflict finally ended on 26th of July 1999 favoring India as a victor. At the end of the war, our brave hearts recaptured the Indian posts from Tiger Hill, Batalick, Tololing, and Turtok one by one. Our fearless forces hoisted the Tricolour flag at the topmost outpost – Tololing with utmost pride after winning it from the Pakistani intruders.

To rejoice the victory after so much of riot and sacrifice, this day has been dedicated to our great soldiers as a tokan of thanks and respect celebrating as “Kargil Vijay Diwas”.  Every year on this date, the Prime Minister of India presents an honorable owe to the Kargil idealists at Amar Jawan Jyoti – India Gate, New Delhi. This day is a significant memory for every Indian Army which not only motivates them to fulfill their duty but also makes them realize that they are very special and brave pillars of our country.